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Is GRE very difficult? 4 years ago

Im planning to take the GRE exam in order to apply to some M.S. computer science program in the US (im foreign). I have a deegre in computer science. Is the GRE math exam really difficult as everybody say?. Im used to REAL MATH, when i say REAL MATH im not talking about math for engineers (i.e. mathematical proofs,real linear algebra, modular algebra, number theory, topology, etc, etc, and sometimes dont understand anything). Opinions?

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How Hard is the GRE? | Magoosh GRE Blog: Best Answer: It's similar to the SAT but more difficult, since you're expected to have a full college education. But the subject areas are similar: math

GRE Vocabulary - Difficult Words - MyGRETutor: How hard is the GRE? Simply put, the GRE can be a very difficult test, especially if you’ve been out of school for a while. Typically this tends to hold true more

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Am I ready for the GRE? Is it very difficult? -: My New GRE Experience - I took New GRE Test on Aug 2, 2011. Scored 570 and 800 in Verbal and Quantitative Section on Higher Score Range. New GRE Prep Books.

How to crack today's tough GRE?: Best Answer: Without knowing what a "passing" score is according to your university, I doubt that your plan is a very good one. The test is, as other

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How hard is the GRE??? (school, best, scores,: I took a prep course at a local college, went through the Kaplan book, and did an online tutorial. Studied for about 6 months, thought the math was still the hardest

GRE Math: Two Difficult Example Problems and: How hard is the GRE??? (school, best, scores, paying) User Name: Remember Me: Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

Is GRE very difficult?: it was very helpful. Reply. iam. View October 4, 2011. MAZINKALIL on GRE Math: Two Difficult Example Problems and Solutions; Categories. Admissions; Ask Test